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Yeshivat Siftei Chaim was established in 2018 together with Rav Shlomo Zafrani, shlita who serves as the Rosh Yeshivah and Rav Shimon Israel shlita.

The Yeshivah was opened due to the growing demand for Institutions at the high school level. With these students in mind, we created Siftei Chaim; a curriculum where the students would be challenged and receive accomplishment from their studies. The students are serious learners coming from all over Israel to learn in our state-of-the-art facilities. The students have a full day of learning from some of the best teachers and esteemed Rabbis including a daily Shiur from Rav Zafrani Shlita each morning after Shacharit. They eat three hot meals daily and sleep in the newly built dormitories. We often have special events and Shabbatonim together to invigorate them and build a lasting bond amongst themselves and the staff.

We put a lot of resources to not only build up their learning skills but to build them up to be mature adults and provide them with any resources needed to reach their best potential.

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