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The school strives to guide and assist the child during the stage of maturation.


Middle school is the next step from primary school. The school strives to guide the child during this process of maturation and independence, which can be somewhat overwhelming. To meet this goal, the school endeavors to provide the children with a high level of knowledge and enrichment from the Torah and Talmud. There is also a strong emphasis on secular studies. It is at this crucial age that a deep bond is created between the students and their teachers/Rabbis.

In conjunction with the goal of providing fundamental knowledge, the school offers extra-curricular activities, such as educational day trips and overnight trips to various attractions throughout our beautiful country – Eretz Israel.

The journey through our middle school constitutes a sort of “passport” for those headed towards the majestic path of the Yeshiva world. For those students pursuing other ambitions, the school serves as an exceptional foundation to progress to a successful future.

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