Or Chadash Institutions: Pre-school and Primary School for Sephardic boys, was established in 1995 in an attempt to fill the gap in quality education.  In 20 years since its foundation, thousands of students have attended our institutions. At Or Chadash we believe that these children represent the future of the Jewish people, therefore we are willing to make a big investment. 


We have an international pedagogic team and children from all around the world are welcome.  Since our academic team is comprised of Israelis, Europeans and North Americans, they can easily relate to our students who come from similar backgrounds. We have many immigrants, from France, we help them to become integrated, academically, linguistically and socially. We have private teachers just for them to upgrade them. The integration into Israeli society is facilitated by these teachers who have also gone through this experience.

Our goal is to provide a high level of Torah and secular education which will enable our students to continue to top yeshivot and to universities throughout the country as well as overseas.



At Or Chadash we are laying the foundation of the Jewish people! Upon graduation, our boys continue their studies with the following breakdown:

•             70% attend Ivy League yeshiva high schools

•             30% attend vocational and secular high schools


We are proud to see our students today, where they are an integral part of Israeli society. They have gone on to be amongst the top in religious fields (i.e. teachers, rabbinical judges, shochetim, scribes, Talmudic scholars, etc) as well as in secular professions (i.e. lawyers, judges, businessmen, high positions in the Israel Defense Forces, etc)

We are fortunate that the mayor’s office has recognized the need for quality religious education.  They have allocated 5000 square meters to build a new campus for Or Chadash. This will allow us to continue in providing a stellar education for our students as well as giving them additional services which we were unable to previously, due to a lack of space.


The new school campus includes:

• Classrooms    

• A dormitory with spacious and comfortable rooms.

• A library

• Computer Rooms

• Bomb Shelters (Miklat) – a requirement of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Defense.

• A kitchen and a dining room

• Soccer field and basketball court

 We started the 2018-19 school year in the new campus but the project if far from being completed. We turn to you for financial assistance in bringing this project to a completion. We want you to have a role in molding the next generation of Jewish children in Israel and throughout the world—they are our future!

Rabbi Shimon Israel

Director of Or Chadash Institutions

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אור חדש בניין 04-017

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Primary School
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Middle School
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