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High Level Education


The Or Hadash Institutions are a Pre-School, Primary School, and High School established in Jerusalem in 1995 to fill the gap in quality education for Sephardic boys.


Thousands of students have attended our Institution since its creation 25 years ago. The institutions have grown considerably and include today more than 750 students from nursery through eighth grade in two campuses. In 2018 we established a High School due to the growing demand and need of quality Sephardic high schools in the area.


We provide a high level of Torah and secular education which will enable our students to continue top academic centers throughout the country, as well as overseas. At Or Chadash we believe in laying the foundation for our students to excel, no matter which destination they chose.


We believe in the current and future generations and strive to raise them to their highest Jewish potential.

An International Contingent of

Educators and Children

We have an international contingent of educators and children from all around the world are welcome. Since our academic team is comprised of Israelis, Europeans, and North Americans, they easily relate to our students who come from similar backgrounds.


We have many immigrants from France and North America, and we help them integrate academically, linguistically, and socially. We provide them with private teachers so they can advance to the same learning level as their Israeli classmates. The integration into Israeli society is facilitated by these teachers who have also gone through the same experience.

Integration of Olim Chadashim


Each student is as dear to us as our own child and our Institutions take the necessary time and energy to accompany each of them on a daily basis while paying extra special attention to those who have recently immigrated to Israel. Integration of Olim Chadashim is a major aspect of our Institutions.


Almost half of our students come from families that have made Aliyah from North America and from France. Private teachers, who understand our students' cultural background, work with them on a regular basis in order to facilitate their smooth and proper integration into the Israeli society.

Illuminating also the Lives of Hundreds of Children from Underprivileged Homes


Since 1995 Or Hadash Institutions has been doing what its name “New Light” implies, illuminating also the lives of hundreds of children from underprivileged homes by providing them a quality education, as well as food, clothing, scholarships, and financial assistance for them and their families.

Our Alumni

We encourage our students to pursue the field that they connect the most with, whether in religious or secular fields.


We are proud to see our Alumni today as an integral and successful part of the Israeli society amongst the top religious fields (i.e. teachers, rabbinical judges, shochetim, scribes, Talmudic scholars, etc.) as well as in secular professions (i.e. lawyers, judges, businessmen, high positions in the Israel Defense Forces, etc


Upon graduation, our students continue their studies with the following breakdown:

• 70% attend Ivy League Yeshiva high schools

• 30% attend vocational and secular high schools

A Growing Campus

Our Institutions currently belong to the most successful educational and social organizations in Jerusalem. Noticing the efficiency and achievements of the Or Chadash Institutions, the Mayor of Jerusalem decided to allocate a plot of 5000 square meters for us to build a new larger campus for our students to thrive in. This allows us to continue providing a stellar education for our students while giving them additional services which we were unable to offer previously due to lack of space


The new school campus includes:

•Spacious Classrooms • Nursery Playground • Library*

• Tutors Room* • Kitchen and a Dining Room*

• High School Dormitory* • Soccer Field* • Basketball Court*

• Academic Center for Talmudic Scholars • Synagogue with seating for 600

• Bomb Shelters (Miklat)* – (a requirement of the Ministies of Education & Defense)

and more…..

*still available for dedication


Rabbi Shimon Israel

Director of Or Chadash Institutions

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