Or Chadash Institutions is a school (nursery, elementary, & high school) for children from 3 to 17. We have two branches of the school in Jerusalem. Our main campus is in Har Nof and we have a second branch in Kiryat Yovel.

Indeed, for many years waves of immigration have caused the strengthening of the French community in Israel. Over the years we have noticed that the education structure in the country is not suitable enough to retain the French language and culture to the students.

Since we have a high percentage of French students in our institutions we decided to implement a specific program for them.



In order to preserve the French language among these French boys and allow them to

discover their French culture we have begun a specific program just for them.

The courses include:

- Reading, vocabulary, grammar, spelling

- Literature (only for primary school)

- History of Jewish from France: From Napoleon to nowadays (only for primary


- Pronunciation and French expression (with a speech therapist)

- Music therapy with singing

- Theatrical art

The goal of the program is to maintain the French language among the French students and to introduce the French culture and French education in Israel.

To achieve this program the French language is taught by special-education teachers and French speech therapists. As part of this program we also offer after-school activities (museums, field trip/educative trip, Art therapy). Parents can join in lectures by educational consultants who can guide them to succeed their integration in Israel.