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Since 1995, the Or Chadash Talmud Torah in Jerusalem has been doing precisely what its name – literally, “New Light” – implies: illuminating the lives of hundreds of students who would otherwise be permanently plunged into spiritual darkness.

Or Chadash was established to provide a quality Torah education for children from underprivileged homes, as well as food, clothing and financial assistance for their families. Over 400 students are currently enrolled in the school, most of whom come from disadvantaged or troubled backgrounds.  At Or Chadash they receive a high-level education as well as the kind of care and support system that they so desperately need to grow and succeed. The educational formula of Or Chadash, which combines quality education with genuine and professional care for the students’ emotional and material needs, has drawn the fervent support of numerous personalities in Israel and around the world who have heaped praise upon the institution’s devoted and professional work .

''It is an honor to be associated with this organization. The Rabbis are fantastic and doing a wonderful job, they achieve tremendous things!''

Mr. Simon Douek

President of the institutions in USA

''An institution par excellence, with a well-kept building and beautiful premises. I am impressed by the teachers, the students and the atmosphere of this school...''

Mr. Saul Tawil

Honorary President of the institutions  in USA

Or Chadash is a wonderful institution! The building is physically beautiful but more than that, the faces on the children are the most beautiful. It must because the Torah they are learning is beautiful'. Their hearts are happy; they are  eager to come to learn and it all shows in their faces.'


Mr. Shlomo Levy

President of the institutions in Panama

''The first thing I liked about the school was the discipline and hospitality of the staff and students. They are extremely smart and confident. The students maintain a high level of discipline and enthusiasm and the teachers are lively. They are sure to make a difference!''

Mr. Roger Ades

President of the institutions in Brazil

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