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Or Chadash Institutions

The Or Chadash Institutions are Pre-School, Primary School, and High School established in Jerusalem in 1995 to fill the gap in quality education for Sephardic boys. Thousands of students have attended our Institution since its creation 25 years ago. The institutions have grown considerably and include today more than 750 students from nursery through eighth grade in two campuses. In 2018 we established a High School due to the growing demand and need of quality Sephardic high schools in the area. We provide solid Torah and secular education to enable our students to continue to top yeshivot and universities throughout the country as well as overseas. We have an international pedagogic team and children from all around the world are welcome. At Or Chadash we believe that these children represent the future of the Jewish people who need our premium focus, attention, and investment.


The Beit Midrash "Torat Shimon Michael Sellam" was established by Rabbi Shimon Yisrael Shlit"a, in order to create a program for the Torah learners in Jerusalem to prepare them for a certificate and recognition from the Rabbinate of The Chief Rabbi of Israel to serve as as Rabbis and Teachers of Klal Israel. Today the Beth Midrash consists of 300 avrehim.


At Or Hadash Institutions we ensure the transmission of Judaism in a very comprehensive way including our Jewish culture and values, exemplary human behaviors, and the advanced learning and studies. We believe in the current and future generations and strive to raise them to their highest Jewish potential.

Partner with us in Building Our Common future.

''It is an honor to be associated with this organization. The Rabbis are fantastic and doing a wonderful job, they achieve tremendous things!''

Mr. Simon Douek

President of the institutions in USA

''An institution par excellence, with a well-kept building and beautiful premises. I am impressed by the teachers, the students and the atmosphere of this school...''

Mr. Saul Tawil

Honorary President of the institutions  in USA

Or Chadash is a wonderful institution! The building is physically beautiful but more than that, the faces on the children are the most beautiful. It must because the Torah they are learning is beautiful'. Their hearts are happy; they are  eager to come to learn and it all shows in their faces.'


Mr. Shlomo Levy

President of the institutions in Panama













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