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Sports Field Dedications

To all our dear friends, partners, and supporters,

You have been with us through this journey of building a state-of-the-art campus for our students and the growth to include a high school and kollel on campus as well. We sincerely thank you for being by our side and helping us get to where we are today.

We turn to you once again as our partners in the future of these students.

As much as we value the learning of Torah, we also understand the importance of sports for the students health and mental wellbeing Three different areas have been built out to include different playing fields on campus. It is imperative to have these playing fields ready as soon as possible to give the students a healthy outlet to let out their energy during their breaks so they can to return to the classroom re-invigorated and ready to learn once again.

We have a generous sponsor that has offered to donate 400,000NIS if we are able to match the pledge.

Please help us to give our students the best of the best and help us reach the matching amount.


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