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Annual dinner (December 25, 2018)


The dinner was held on December 25, 2018, it was a beautiful night to inaugurate our new Kollel ''Siftei Chaim''.

This special event was attended by distinguished Rabbanim like Rav Shlomo Amar Shilta, Rav Moche Tzadka Shlita, Rav Shlomo Zafrani Shlita, Rav David Yossef Shilta and Rav Elhanan Peretz Shilta whom all spoke very highly of our institutions and its students.

Our very generous donor Mr Shimon Michael Sellam was also here to celebrate the Hanukat Habayit of the new Kollel "Torat Shimon Mickael Sellam".

Many of the parents joined for the evening and donated accordingly as well to the development of our institutions.

We thank everyone for their time and generosity.

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