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Mazal Tov! Opening Day Ceremony

The morning of Rosh CHodesh Elul, August 12, 2018 was truly a memorable day. We welcomed approximately 500 students to their new campus in a moving ceremony to bgin the new school year.

The ceremony was held with the participation of the Rishon Le'Zion and Chief Rabbi of Yerushalayim Rav Sholomo Moshe Amar Shlita, Rosh Yeshivah of our new High School Rabbi Shlomo Zafrani Shlita, the member of the Council of Torah Sages Rabbi David Yosef Shlita, the Minister of the Interior Rav Aryeh Deri , the director of the "Bnei Yosef" educational network Haim Biton, the deputy mayor and the education portfolio holder Zvika Cohen and many friends and supporters from Israel and abroad.

Rabbi Amar Shlita was honored in setting the Mezuzah at the main entrance and Minister Aryeh Deri was honored with the ribbon cutting. The other Rabbis, dignitaries and supporters were honored in affixing Mezuzahs in the various classes and in the study halls throughout the building.

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